World’s Top 4 Underwater Hotels and Resorts


Whichever way you choose to explore it, there is no doubt at all that marine life is interesting. But that is just as far as marine exploration goes. The whole experience gets into yet another awesome level once you choose to live right inside it. That is where Underwater Hotels and Resorts come in. If they are anything to by, then clearly, they are the most audacious and awe inspiring proposition by man. Who would have ever thought that man would one day experience wild marine life up close and as untamed as it can possibly get? That is what the 4 popular Underwater Hotels and Resorts in the world stand for.

1. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

World’s Top 4 Underwater Hotels and Resorts

Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules’s Undersea Lodge goes down the records as the oldest undersea hotel in the world. Despite that fact it first opened its doors in 1986 as a hotel facility; Jules Undersea Lodge is still the jewel of the area and is ever full. Initially used as a research facility, the hotel is unlike any other within its circles. It is located off the Coast of Puerto Rico, a spot that is synonymous with flamboyant hotels serving tourists from all over the world.

Set more than 21 feet under water, this undersea lodge can only be accessed by diving. The interior has 2 living chambers that measure 160 sq. feet and small foot bedrooms where guests can snuggle as they observe the marine fish around them.  The lodge comes complete with all the necessities for comfort; music, books, video movies, Wi-Fi, and hot showers. You can also order a pizza and extra anchovies at night! This undersea lodge comes with all the luxurious extras anyone could ever ask for. The hotel is without a doubt an excellent getaway for adventure seekers.

2. The Hilton Maldives spa and resort

Known for its value priced dining and spa experiences, The Hilton Maldives spa and hotel never fails to impress. In fact, several travel and hotel magazines have listed the hotel’s spa and dining services among the best in the world. Enjoy the serenity and comfort this undersea hotel offers with your loved ones as the world above you seems to fade into oblivion. Located just five meters below water, the scintillating view of turquoise blue waters all around you will unnerve just as much as it could thrill you. After all, a mammoth fish swimming right up to where you are enjoying your meal would take anyone’s breath away with ease. But then again, it is such moments that make lifetime memories.

World’s Top 4 Underwater Hotels and Resorts

The Hilton Maldives spa and resort

3. Poseidon Undersea Resort

Poseidon is a 5 star luxury hotel located in the Poseidon Mystery Island in Fiji which covers an area of 225 acres. This exotic destination boasts of pristine waters, abundant sea life, and an expansive 7.8 square mile lagoon. The resort itself seats 40 feet underwater and offers some of the best environment for getaway tours and vacations.  For a truly memorable experience, you can reserve and arrange a wedding ceremony at any time of the year.  The resort has an enchanting environment – a changing backdrop and transparent walls that overlook the coral garden. Once you tie the knots, your guests can go to the dining room for gourmet and cocktails. You can expect to spend your nights surrounded by marine life, giving you company as you experience the sights and tranquility under water.

World’s Top 4 Underwater Hotels and Resorts

Poseidon Undersea Resort

4. Red Sea Star Eilat

The Red Sea Star is an incredible tourist resort located 15 metres below the waves of the Red Sea.  Its name is derived from the shape of its start-shaped floor plan. Red Sea Star resort offers a magnificent combination of underwater sights and dining experience.   The resort has a seating capacity of 105 and a tranquil atmosphere. Its interior- lighting fixtures and even stools- are inspired by sea life.Visitors can dine as they observe the surrounding coral gardens and sea creatures through giant Plexiglas windows round at any time of the day and night.

World’s Top 4 Underwater Hotels and Resorts

Red Sea Star Eilat

Well, these are just some of the unique and breath-taking underwater hotels and resorts around the world.   Whether you are looking for an opportunity to explore the sea or be up close with marine wildlife, you can bet these Underwater Hotels and Resorts will create lasting memories.