World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on Earth


Nature has always given some beautiful and some mysterious territories to explore for human beings. It is basic human nature that they always tend to amplify their horizons and overcome unexplored territories. But even in today’s modern exploration and technology era, there are certain unknown facts about such awesome yet mysterious places on the earth which kept us stunned with its make and beauty since years, decades and centuries. It would be great if we would be able to know how these places came into existence, how to act at these places or what the facts behind their mysterious make and beauty, let’s explore below the list of World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on Earth?

10. Spotted Lake (Osoyoos, British Columbia)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthSpotted Lake

Spotted Lake is a salty endorheic alkali lake situated at North-West of Osoyoos in British Columbia. The big “spots” on the lake emerge in different colors depending on the mineral composition at that time. In the summer, most of the water in the lake evaporates leaving behind all the minerals. These spots are primarily made-up of magnesium sulfate, which crystallizes during the summer. During the summer, only those minerals remain in the lake and later they harden to form natural “walkways” both around and between the spots.

9. Goseck Circle (Germany)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthGoseck Circle

Goseck is situated in Germany, which is a Neolithic structure having some astronomical purposes. Goseck Circle is believed to be the earliest sun observatory in the world as per the facts and findings. However, there have been many other scary discoveries such as human bones, ritual fires and headless skeleton which have made it quite a mysterious place on the earth.

8. Kunlun Mountains (China)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthKunlun Mountains

Kunlun Mountains is also popularly known as the Gate of Hell, is a mysterious valley wherein individuals come when they are not left with any hopes of reuniting again with their loved ones. People who were lucky enough and managed to come back from Kunlun Mountains somehow, have seen bones hunters and remains of wolves there. People have also found some lonely tombs in random areas.

7. McMurdo Dry Valleys (Antarctica)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthMcMurdo Dry Valleys

McMurdo Dry Valleys are situated on the chilling Antarctica but, they lack snow, which is quite unbelievable. This suspicious place lack snow, therefore it is known as the coolest desert in the world. Another strange fact associated with this place is that these valleys have been “bleeding” from the many geysers, because of the massive concentration of iron, making picture of world unlike than Earth.

6. Mount Roraima (South America)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthMount Roraima

Next on our list is Mount Roraima, which is located on the triple border point amid Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. There are several reasons which make it a weird such as its shape, clouds which always gather near the peak and its widespread fauna. The tabletop or peak of Mount Roraima is considered as one of the oldest geological formations in the world. Some also believe that this mysterious plateau was formed by wind and water, but no one knows the reason why some species can’t be found anywhere else.

5. Stonehenge (United Kingdom)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthStonehenge

Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire and was being created by a culture without leaving any evidence or form of account regarding the stones and is still one of the suspicious places on Earth which humankind has not completely understood. The entire place is contains standing stones in a circular form, however no one has an idea about who actually erected these circular stones till now. Couple of years ago some researchers got to know that Stonehenge was a burial ground, which itself sounds extremely scary.

4. Rio Tinto River (Spain)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthRio Tinto River

Rio Tinto, popularly known as the “Acidic Lake” is located in south-western Spain originating from Sierra Morena Mountains of Andalusia. This area surrounding the river has been mined since the ancient times, is a richly contains lot of minerals into its water, especially iron, which automatically makes the water red. What makes this river a bit weird is its highly acidic tendency; some of the scientists say that the water of this river is extremely similar to the underground waters of Mars. Some of the bacteria enjoy their life by, “utilizing” the iron.

3. Socotra (Yemen)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthSocotra

Socotra is possibly one of the most alien-looking peninsulas on the earth. It is an archipelago the Horn of Africa and Arabic Peninsula, 95% of the main island of Socotra is completely landmass, while the remaining is just small islands. The umbrella-shaped “blood tree”, giant succulent tree, the cucumber tree, several kinds of birds, bats, spiders and cats have the only home on Socotra. One third part of the flora and fauna on Socotra is governed by Yemen government, which can only be found here.

2. Easter Island (Chile)

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthEaster Island

Easter Island is a Chilean territory situated in the South-Eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most beautiful and mysterious stonework left by the ancient people who lived on this island are the Moai statues. These are total 887 monolithic statues of torsos which were made out of volcanic ash by the natives. All of these statues were made facing one direction inland, this is still a mystery.

1. Bermuda Triangle

World’s Top 10 Mysterious Places on EarthBermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle tops our list; you definitely have heard several stories about it. It is placed in the western area of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle is surrounded by are the Bahamas, Straits of Florida, and the Caribbean islands. It is also known as “Devil’s Triangle”. With the passing years we have heard news about several aircrafts and sea vessels gone missing from Bermuda Triangle. All of these circumstances surrounding such several disappearances are possibly mysterious.