World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Liquors

10. $5,000 – Courvoisier L’Esprit Decanter

Made from a variety of blends, some which date back to Napoleon I, Courvoisier’s L’Esprit is smoky and rich, with fragrances of cinnamon and dried apricot flowers. The flavor is initially powerful but has a mellow aftertaste.

9. $5,500 – Jenssen Arcana

Aged 98 years in Oak barrels, Jenssen’s Arcana is powerful, “extraordinarily ”
concentrated and only bottled, sealed and certified upon request.

8. $6,000 – Hine Triomphe Talent De Thomas Hine Crystal Decanter

Each bottle of Hine’s high-end Talent de Thomas is bottled in a
Baccarat decanter and placed within an actual cigar humidor made from
Maccasar ebony and Honduran Mahogany which helps preserve
the spirit’s

7. $6,400 – Frapin Cuvée 1888

A rare blend of Cognacs from Frapin’s reserves, the Cuvée is bottled
beneath a 24-karat gold stopper in a twisty crystal decanter
that looks like a prop from a community Shakespeare staging.
Flowery flavors combine with sweet spices, honey and toasted
vanilla notes.

6. $7,500 – Martell Creation Cognac In Handcarved Baccarat Decanter

Martell’s rare cognac is a “reinterpretation ” of a batch first casked at the
start of the 19th century. The Grand Extra has a soft flavor
that starts as dried fruit and marmalade and fades into notes of walnuts
and cedarwood.

5. $7,900 – Le Voyage de Delamain

A blend of cognacs from Delamain, Le Voyage was bottled in 500 crystal decanters, most of which were quickly bought
or reserved by eager collectors. It’s rumored to have a complex taste that fades from Russian leather to tobacco, coffee and Eastern spices.

4. $12,900 – Hardy Perfection 140 years Cognac

Supposedly the “World’s oldest known unblended cognac,” this offering
from Hardy was limited to 300 Daum crystal decanters.
It’s an exceedingly rare cognac that is said to taste of coffee, chocolate
and oak.

3. $55,000 – Remy Martin Cognac Black Pearl Louis XIII

When you swish Remy Martin’s deep amber-colored Black Pearl
Louis XIII around in your mouth,
you’re actually tasting 1,200 40 to 100-year old cognacs blended together.
The swill is said to smell of flowers, fruits and spices,
it’s flavor a mixture of ginger, cinnamon and Cuban cigars.

2. $200,000 – Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac

Insert a bronze key, turn, and Hennessy’s Baccarat crystal-bottled
Beaute du Siecle rises up on a tray.
Housed in a melted aluminum and mirrored glass case this mixture is
blended from Hennessy’s reserves of 47 to 100-year-old cognacs.

1. $2 million – Henri IV, Cognac Grande Champagne

An elixir mixed since 1776 by the direct descendants of King Henri IV,each batch of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage is aged in a barrel for more
than 100 years and capped inside a 24-karat gold-dipped and 6,500
diamond-bejeweled bottle .

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