Top 8 Worst Jobs in the World

The choice of your job can satisfy you on many different levels; you can feel confident but at the same time earn some money. It is important that you choose wisely what you want to do for a living otherwise you may feel unsatisfied. Think hard before getting a job or you may get stuck doing something you despise like these folks.

1. Septic Tank Cleaner

Trying not to breath and diving into the endless world of feces is certainly not the dream job. But somebody has to do it. There isn’t much proud in cleaning the flushed away dump. The smelly dark hole is no place of joy, especially when you try to wash that smell day after day.

2. Hot Dog Costumes

Honorary jobs for younger people trying to earn some money can be embarrassing a times. Walking around in a giant sausage costume promoting a hot dog stand might not be the most motivating job but it can be a stepping stone in a person’s life, but if you keep doing it for a long period of time you should consider changing your profession.

3. Porn Theater Janitor

Cleaning sticky liquids after a projection is disgusting, but it’s the janitor’s job. He’s not an ordinary janitor; he cleans some other types of juices. No man can be paid well-enough for doing things like that.

4. Buckingham Palace Guard

Standing in one place for hours, with the same facial expression, and no toilet break, in sun and snow, must be pretty tiring. But guards have to endure even when the priding tourists try to get a reaction from them. However, they can take pride in what they do-guarding the state’s biggest treasure, the Queen.

5. Carcass Cleaner

Cleaning corpses for display is the grossest job on the planet. Boiling bodies and tearing the remaining pieces of flesh may be the perfect job for these students but it just seems wrong and repulsive.

6. Box Jellyfish Researcher

Doing a research on one of the most poisonous creatures on Earth is both stupid and noble. Stupid because he can get bitten and experience agonizing pain and in some cases death, but noble because the findings can contribute in some important medical fields.

7. Road kill Remover

Removing the run over animals is appalling and you have to have a strong stomach for this kind of a job. I wouldn’t most certainly recommend it.

8. Cat Food Quality Controller

Controlling the quality of car’s food is not the most respectful job out there. But if you like to vomit your guts out after having a taste of it then it’s the perfect job for you.

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