Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Men 2013


Men have always had a propensity for tech – gadgets.  The fact that majority of new gadgets are designed to target men just underscores the fact that tech gadgets are men’s best friends. As we move into the 2nd half of, 2013, let’s look at some really cool gadgets for men that you should get before the year ends.

Zip headphones

As the name suggests, these cool gadgets for men come with wires designed to look pretty much like zip.  Absolutely, you can adjust them to your preferred length before you use them.   Believe you me, most men dislike headphones for one reason; wires tangle all the time! When they do so, they either get damaged and thus rendering them useless. If you get easily frustrated with the above scenarios and you need something refreshing then zip headphones are all that you need. Do not mistakenly think that this innovation comes at the expense of reduced clarity or sound levels; the zip headphones deliver an ear-shattering 105dB straight to your ears.

Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Men 2013

zip earphones

Sphero Ball

If you are looking for something unique and exciting then you need to try out Sphero balls.  Sphero is a robotic ball that is operated through an iOS or Android device.  Once you download the app, you can play games with your pets or better still enjoy augment reality. Sphero balls roll with speed of 3 feet per second and they have a range of 50 feet on the ground. Plus, you can pre-set the colors you want them to display. Here is the coolest part; you can create your own application and apply them on the balls as they come with open APIs.  Also, the balls come with strong carbonite shells which can endure bites from pets and rough treatment. They are also water resistant which means you can even submerge them in your fish tank. This is a cool gadget that is lots of fun to have around.

Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Men 2013

Sphero Robotic ball

Cookoo Watches

Analogue style timepieces meet digital age. That is the best way to describe these incredibly stylish watches that allow you to connect with your social media platforms quite easily.  You can easily connect to your iPhone or iPod and keep track of the conversation or activity on your social media accounts.   These cool men’s gadgets also provide instant alerts to events on your phone from missed calls, new SMS, e-mail alerts, reminders, and even alarms. Besides that, these watches can also notify you when your battery runs low or when you forget your smartphone at home. Plus, you can take really cool pics and control music in your device on the go. Rumours are going around that the new Cookoo watches will feature API so that fanatics can develop apps to maximize the use of their watches.

Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Men 2013

Coocoo watch

Water dancing speakers

If you love music or insane gadgets then water dancing speakers are a must-have. Few speakers rival these cool speakers. Have you seen the way Bellagio’s fountain is designed to respond to the music? Now picture that on a much smaller scale. The water dancing speakers are configured to cause water to form sprays within the chamber corresponding to the music you are playing. The water is illuminated by LED lights in different colors to ensure that you get a truly marvelous show.  Plus, they are completely sealed so you don’t to worry about the  risk of spillage or the safety of your electronics.

Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Men 2013

LED dancing water speakers

Spy Sunglasses

If you want to pull off an Bond 007 agent look then the spy sunglasses are a must have cool gadgets for men. These cool sunglasses come with frames that have been fitted with 3 Mega Pixel Pinhome video camera that can record and store up to 3GB of video shots.  The 640 x 480 resolution video cam captures 30 frames per second of high quality AVI video and you can record for upto 3 hours in your rendezvous. It is compatible with Win98, WinXP, Win2000, Win 7, and MAC.

Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Men 2013

spy sunglasses

These are just 5 of the cool and gadgets for men out there.   Due to time and space constraints, we couldn’t explore all of them, but this shouldn’t stop you from discovering other cool gadgets. Trust me, there are other really cool gadgets and you only need to take time to explore and find which gadgets make you tick.