Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

No one denies one fact that perfume is the priciest liquid on earth. People make perfume to cover their odor and at the same time to improve their confident. Here, we are going to study 10most expensive perfumes in the world. You could say these 10 perfumes is the most expensive liquid of the priciest liquid in the world. we begin our lesson with the cheapest perfume on the list

  • 10. Chanel No. 5 : $234 per 100 ml

Chanel No. 5 Top 10  Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

Gabrielle Coco Chanel makes and promotes the Chanel no 5. The perfume is known as one of the most popular in the world. It has circulated since 1921. The main composition of the perfume is artificial floral aldehyde

  • 9. Shalini Perfume: $900 a 2.2 oz bottle

Maurice Roucel made the perfume. It composed mix of sandalwood aroma, tuberose, Vanilla and Musk. Beside the perfume, Shalini created Iris Silver Mist, Tocade Series, Musc Ravageur, and 24 Faubourg.

  • 8. Caron’s Poivre : $2000 per 2 ounces

Caron’s Poivre is coming with an exclusive casing a baccarat bottle that is beautified with Crystal and white gold collar. The bottle does make the price higher.

  • 7. Ralph Lauren Perfume Notorious: $3,540 per bottle

Ralph Lauren Perfume Notorious is designed for the most notorious person in town. It is an exclusive and expensive perfume is only available in Harrods retail outlet. A famous Model Leititia Casta used to endorse the expensive perfume.

  • 6. Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes of Baccarat: $ 6,800

Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes is another Baccarat product to expand and grabs bigger fans coverage. The perfume is also coming with a crystal bottle and special embellishments of white Gold.

  • 5. Jar Perfumes The Bolt of Lightning: $765 per ounce

Jar Perfumes The Bolt of Lightning Top 10  Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

JAR Stands for Joel A. Rosenthal, the maker of the perfume. It gives new strong smell sensation like a lightning bolt. The perfume is bottled inside a hand cut glass bottle and available only in view selected stores in Paris.

  • 4. Joy Perfume From Jean Patou Perfume by Henri Alméras: US$800 (1 oz)

Henri Alméras designed and brewed the perfume in 1929. He mixed Jasmine odor and rose in the perfume. Each 30 ml perfume in the bottle composes the extraction of 10,000 jasmine combined with 28 dozens roses.

  • 3. Annick Goutal Perfume EAU D’hadrien: $1,500 for 3,4 ounces bottle

Annick Goutal made the perfume. She mixes citrus (grapes and Sicilian lemons) to create the perfume. She uses her own research to find perfect combination of all these citrus fruits extract.

  • 2. Hermes Perfume 24 Faubourg : $1,500 for 1 oz bottle

Hermes international launched the perfume in 1995. The designer is Maurice Roucel and Bernard Bourjois. The production is limited to 1000 bottles and it composes high end and feminine odor that would stick long

  • 1. Clive Christian Perfume: $215,000

Clive Christian Perfume Top 10  Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

The most expensive perfume in the world is coming with blinking diamonds extra on the bottle. Inside the bottle itself lays a perfume which is coming from the extraction and mixed of jasmine, Cardamom, Lemon, Bergamot, Benzoin, Lemon and other citrus. The producer has limited the production of the perfume 10 bottles only.

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