Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made


If you are seeking the title of the longest film ever made in the world, you search will be over here. There are 10 longest movie ever on this post and the first one is your answer. As information, these movies on the following list below did not hit box office, did not grossing much money, and did not attract many fans.

1. Movie title: Berlin Alexanderplatz

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made
Berlin Alexanderplatz

Running time: 931 minutes (15 hr)

Released: 1980

Info: Berlin Alexanderplatz is adapted from 14-part television film and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The total duration of the movie is 15.5 hours and it was produced by WDR, Bavaria Film Gmbh of West Germany and the Italian television network RAI


2. Resan (The Journey)

Running time: 873 minutes (14 hr)

Released: 1987

Info: Resan or the Journey is 14.5 hours movie directed by Peter Watkins and produced around 1983 unti l 1985. The sets were located in different continents and the story is about nuclear weapons,millitary cost and poverty. The movie appeared in Toronto Film Festival in 1987. Imdb rate for the movie 6.7


3. Out 1 (Noli me tangere)

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made

Running time: 773 minutes (13 hr)

Released: 1971

Info: The Movie was directed by Jacques Rivette, one of the most influential film director of French New Wave. Actually, The movie is running for 12 hours and 40 minutes .

4.How Yukong Moved the Mountains

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made
How Yukong Moved the Mountains

Running time: 763 minutes (13 hr)

Released: 1977

Info: The french version of the movie is Comment Yukong déplaça les tells the ends of Cultural Revolution from 1966 – 1976 in China


5.Evolution of a Filipino Family

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made
Evolution of a Filipino Family

Running time: 643 minutes (11 hr)

Released: 2004

Info: Same as the title, this movie is about Fhilipino story. It was directed by Lav Diaz and running for 593 minutes precisely

6.Human Condition

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made
Human Condition

Running time: 579 minutes (9 hr)

Released: 1959-1961

Info:The movie is taken from the Novel of Gomikawa Junpei (1916-95) and tells about the story of Japanese who is trying to survive from WWII and fascist oppresive act. The movie was directed by Masaki Kobayashi


Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made

Running time: 566 minutes (9 hr,36 minutes)

Released: 1985

Info: Shoah is a movie about the Holocaust which happen in the era of Hitler. It is directed by Claude Lanzmann and it composes interviews of the survivals and documentary of the Holocaust sites


8.Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made

Running time: 556 minutes (9 hr)

Released: 2003

Info: This is a documantary film directed and documented by Wang Bing. It was filmed since 1999 until 2001. It tells the effect of the fall of Shenyang industrial Tiexi district and it is divided into 3 parts which are “Rust,” “Remnants” and “Rails.”

9.Death in the Land of the Encantos

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made
Death in the land of the encantos

Running time: 540 minutes (9 hr)

Released: 2007

Info: Directed by Lav Diaz and it tells the story of Benjamin Agusan who return from Russia and found Super Typhoon had destroyed his village


10.Heremias Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made

Running time: 540 minutes (9 hr)

Released: 2006

Info:Directed by Lav Diaz, the movie, the movie is featuring Ronnie Lazaro. In this movie, he acts as a traveling craftsman with his ox where he decided to leave his merchant group. When he is alone, hurricane strikes him and leave him alone and stranded without his ox and all his goods on the caravan.

If you are true movie fans, I am sure the information of top 10 longest film ever made above is really important for you. Bookmark this post and use it as your reference. I am sorry that I am unsure whether those movies above are available on DVD version or not.