Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Book


You’ve memorialized birthdays, weddings and vacations through countless photos. Now the question is what to do with them? Creating a photo book not only preserves those precious memories but allows you to present them in a beautiful setting that will last for generations.




Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Book

Photo Book Range

Here are a few tips on creating your own photo book :

Select a Theme

By selecting a theme you give your project direction, helping you to determine the backgrounds, the colors and photos. Simply browse through your photo files, decide what your options are and, before you know it, you’ll have the perfect themes for your photo books.

Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Book

Select a Theme

Collect the Photos

Once you’ve selected your theme, you need to create a new file folder to store the photos. Then, go through your pictures, choose the photos and move them to the new file. This way you won’t misplace a precious moment you intended to use in your book.

Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Book

Select Photos

Photo Order

You are one step closer to creating your photo book, the next step to determine the order and layout of the photos. After all, creating photo books online is telling a story. You don’t want the conclusion to come in the middle of the story and place the introduction at the end.

Photos per Page

Keep in mind; less is definitely more when deciding how many pictures you want to place on each page. Too many pictures will create a confusing mess that is difficult to follow while one or two photos allows you to set the mood and create a photo book the family will love for generations to come.

Page Layout

This is where your creativity is free to run wild, the layout you design a big part of the story you are telling and a reflection of your heart and soul. Simply be sure to create a focal point, select your background colors and create breathtaking pages you are proud to share.

Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Book

Selecting a page layout

Photo Editing

An important part of designing your photo books is editing and resizing your selected photos. In doing so, you will have clean, crisp photos to work with, enhancing the images and creating interesting effects. In fact, resizing, cropping and even rotating pictures leads to unique pages that tell a fascinating story.

Adding Captivating Captions

Now that you have your pages designed and you’ve added your photos, you’ll want to insert captions that help tell your story. However, you don’t want to just throw any text on the page, so take the time to choose a text color and font that enhances each page, but is easy to read. Once you’ve done this, you’ve completed your photo story.

Design the Cover

Now you can put the final touches on your photo book and select the perfect cover. Keep your theme in mind, choose a design or photo that reflects the story you want to tell and decide whether you prefer a hard, soft or linen cover.

Edit Your Photo Book

The last thing you want is to flip through your finished photo book only to discover a glaring mistake you can’t correct. Take the time to go through the book page by page, studying the layouts, colors and photos and reading the text out loud. You’ll catch any mistakes and ensure you’ll love the finished product.

Tips to Creating the Perfect Photo Book

Print or E-book

Now that you’ve created your photo book you must decide whether you prefer a printed version or an e-book. There are pros and cons to both, but only you know best exactly what you want.