The New 10 Best Paid Jobs


1 ) Social Media and Online –Community Manager

These fancy names actually mean working on the internet. A social media strategist promotes his client’s brand by using social media sites and tools, such as Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.  The online-community manager promotes user discussions for the marketers they support.  In order to become a social media manager or an online community manager, you should have a bachelor degree.

Then, your writing communication skills should be very good and you would need to have some experience in marketing. Moreover, knowing how to handle these social networks and tools is also required. In case you fulfill all these conditions, you will be interested in the fact that the salary starts at 38,000$ per year.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

2 ) Professional Blogger

We all know what he does: he writes different useful (or not) articles on the internet, on different sites. He might be in a position of expert, or of a mere commentator. He can even post his own thoughts. What matters is that his writings generate as many clicks as possible. The more successful a blogger proves, the more money he makes. One can also create a blog and become his own boss. If he succeeds to attract visitors on his site, he will sell advertising on the blog, and thus, hit the jackpot. A blogger working for a site owner will earn 25$per piece in the beginning of his career, but the sum may rise up to 200$ per piece for a successful blogger.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

3 ) Patient advocate

In USA, where getting sick cost you more than a brand new car and where finding your direction through the complicated healthcare system requires a navigation system, the newly created ‘patient advocacy’ is a career which does not seem as hilarious as might have 10 years ago. Patient advocates ease the interaction between patients or their families and the healthcare provider.

They make sure that their clients receive the best treatment, up to date information and they discuss the correct fees. They may go with patients to their appointments or make sure that they are visiting the right specialist.  This new job is paid an average 59,000$.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

4 ) Talent Management Coordinator

Nowadays, when big organizations struggle to attract the best, or the ‘most talented’ people to their companies, human resources personnel cannot handle it anymore: skillful, dedicated ‘talent coordinators’ are being hired in order to find really talented employees and keep them working for the corporation. They may also be required to keep the shareholders and the board members satisfied with the company’s situation or results and stop them from worrying if an important member of the organization abandons the ship. For this job, you may receive a salary that starts from 67,000$ and rises up to 80,000$.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

5 ) User Experience Manager

This is one of the new jobs out there that started to grow in the past few years, within the web design companies. These firms require specialized men to review a website in development from the user’s perspective. In other words, they were needed so that the company could create user friendly products. Today, the user experience manager is needed in many diverse fields, such as restaurants, banks or insurance companies, so that their interaction with clients becomes more effective. For this task, he is paid an average 113,000$.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

6 ) Sustainability Manager

This is one of those new jobs which are not that recent actually. What we call today a ‘sustainability’ program was called not long ago simply ‘recycling’. This was not a profession in itself, but a tiny part of a person’s attributions. However, things changed since saving the planet started to be a fancy thing. Today, large companies hire sustainability managers to handle their brand new sustainability programs, which can go beyond recycling and may imply such things as carbon footprint issues or green manufacturing.

If one is lucky enough, saving the planet might bring a salary of up to 120,000 $ per year.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

7 ) Educational Consultant

Tutoring is not a new profession but the educational consultant does so much more: he interviews and tests students in order to discover their aptitudes and he assists students and their families in finding the most appropriated educational institution, one that fulfills their needs. Educational consultants may work independently or for firms and they may win at least 53,000$.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

8 ) The interior redesigner and the home stager

New jobs in home designing were recently created so that they answer certain needs of modernity. The home redesigner uses your old furniture and decorations to give your home a brand new look. Redesigning TV shows are very popular and you are most probably familiar with them. The whole interior redesigning idea is the result of the economical problems we are all facing and it allows us to change the aspect of our nests without spending huge amounts of money.

The home stager has mostly the same role but he deals with preparing the houses for sale. One can earn up to 700$ per hour if really talented.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

9 ) Geriatric Services Coordinator

Also called elder care services coordinator, the person doing this job is actually earning his living from offering the same services a family was supposed to 20 years ago. Today however, we are living longer and in most cases, we are living alone the last part of our lives. Therefore, seniors need a consultant which provides them with such services as legal assistance, health monitoring and guidance in many diverse fields. This consultant should have very specialized communication skills and should be familiar with the latest elder care practices. A diploma in gerontology is also a required. Te salary varies between 60.000 % and 80.000%.


The New 10 Best Paid Jobs

10 ) SEO Specialist

New jobs do not necessarily imply new fields of activity. SEO or search engine optimization is something companies do since the inventing of this tool, but today, there are specialized people who help their employers to reach the most important goal of any website: that of ranking first on a search engine’s list of results. This is possible for someone who knows how a site should be encoded, what keywords to use and how to take the most advantage of the content so that the page appears as high as possible in the search results. Companies pay an average 72,000$ for this task.