Highest Paying Jobs in the World that Are Sure to Surprise You!


To earn a fat paycheck, does it really need to be a CEO of a thriving company? Well, it’s time to take it easy because I will enumerate some of the highest paying jobs in the world that will take you aback. The best thing is, you do not need to study half of your life and spend a fortune on your education to pursue these careers.

Did you know that these jobs have less competition as few people enter these careers? It is now the perfect time for you to start  and earn more than $50,000 doing jobs you never thought about before.

Elevator mechanic

How many times do you need to call an elevator mechanic to repair your broken elevator? Well, the person who comes in wearing a pair of old work boots and casual work clothes would not look terribly rich to you, but statistics show that an elevator mechanic earns more than $70,000 per year. Surprisingly, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Thus, to be an elevator mechanic, you only need a high school degree and four years of classes and trainings.


Let’s face it, you need the services of a plumber more than you need of an engineer. Everybody wants his water and gas pipes to be running and flowing all the time. Plumbers are a lot in demand these days, and there is extremely low competition. These days plumbers charge a lot and for the right reason. The work they do involved a lot of precision and expertise, and they rightfully charge for that. A plumber earns an average of $60,000 per year. To be able to earn that much, you only need a high school degree and extensive on-the-job-training.

Certified Nursing Assistant

If you enjoy working in the health care sector but do not have the finance to spend on your medical education, you can go for the nursing sector. Many community colleges in the country are offering nursing courses from where you can get the certificate of CNA. A CNA earns an average of $30,000 per year. Plus, there are a lot of different options to work as a CNA. If you like to work in an organizational setting, you can work in a hospital ward, but if you like to work independently, you can work as a private nurse. As more and more people choose to “age in place”, the demand for private nurses is also increasing. This makes this highest paying job opportunity a highly attractive one.

Trash collectors

Who would have thought that a dirty work such as trash collection could give a high paycheck? Well, sanitation is a service, which is always in demand. It is a recession-resistant industry. What is more, trash collectors  earn an average of $60,000. Some trash collectors even make more than that. Such a whopping salary package makes this unpopular job worth it.

Toy makers

Toy industry is thriving a lot these days. No matter how much the recession affects the economy, we would always want to give these little pleasures of life to our children. Toy creators are paid for these little pleasures and memories they provide to the children through their creative inventions. Toy making is all about creativity and innate skills. If you are interested in it, you can make a whopping $53,000 per year in toy making,  this is something you will truly enjoy.

Voice over artist

If you have a decent voice, why not use it to your advantage? A voice over artist does not need any college or university degree; he or she only needs to have a lovely voice, and talents to use it for animated films, cartoons, and dubbing for foreign movies. A voice over artist can earn more than $80,000 per year and get the chance to work alongside stars. How about dubbing a Walt Disney movie? You will surely love the experience!

These are the highest paying jobs in the world that will undoubtedly take you by surprise. With the recession of hitting the economy, it is not easy to end up with a fancy job like a CEO or fall into recognized worst jobs ever. There is a lot of competition, and the demand is decreasing. But these job opportunities are always attractive no matter how unpleasant the recession is. With these jobs, you can earn a lot and can take a joyful vacation during holidays!