Funny Baby Halloween Costumes; Which is Your Favorite?

cool baby Halloween costumes

It’s that time of year again!  A spook-tacular time if you like dressing up and being creative looking for a cool Halloween costume. It’s not easy coming up with something new as we get older and that’s why we decided to check out some of the cool baby Halloween costume ideas that are around the Internet.

So whether you have a baby, friends and family have babies or you just love babies – these fun Halloween costumes for babies will bring a smile to your face today!  So check them out for ideas or just a laugh and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below on our Facebook page.

15 Cool Baby Halloween Costumes:

  1. Trike rider or biker dude?  Definitely has the gang look going on now…what’s his mother gonna say?
Baby Halloween Costume

2. Movie Director Ridley Scott would be proud of this one we think.  What about you?

baby Halloween costume

3. Who can forget Ace Ventura? Certainly not this little guy.  We think that he totally ailed it. What about you?

 Halloween Costumes for kids

4. Now this one I’d never have thought of!  But for those that love going to the movies and getting some popcorn… well, I’d guess the really wee ones, that are going to sleep through it all, this set and forget costume is easy on Mom or Dad baby Halloween costumes

5. Ok, here’s the question on this one… it ice cream or cotton candy?  We’ve been debating that point all morning here.  What do you think?halloween costumes for kids

6. Wow!  This goes back in time to Cabbage Patch Kids being all the rage! And with this one, you can adopt a real live baby if you want.  Gotta love the idea!


7. Crazy cat lady… This is a totally fun look!  For kids and those that love cats it’s sure to be a winner.  What do you think?


8. Looks like this little one is enjoying the festivities.  This costume is a fun one and easy on Mom as well.  We think he’ll grow up to be Spiderman!


9. This is a super clever kids Halloween costume idea!  A Coppertone baby, complete with aggressive tan lines.  We wish we had thought of something like that!


10.  Who can resist this face! SO adorable and looking so lost as to what is just going on right now?  For this costume we say….This looks like a job forrrrrrr, did somebody say cake?


11. A Monopoly baby!  What a great idea.  We want to know just how long that mustache will last on him?  We’re betting 2 – 3 houses trick or treating at best.  What would be your guess?


12. Forrest Gump and an unimpressed Lieutenant Dan (just like in the movie)! Fun and easy enough to pull off don’t you think?  Much of the items would be around the house anyways.


13. This is another clever one.  She thinks she’s walking and she’s totally in character!  We’re willing to bet Mom or Dad have to pick up at some point before the night’s over but for now….


14. We’re not so sure that this little guy is having that much fun today?  What do you think?  Cute costume though!


15. Ok, some people blow us away with their creativity and ability to make AMAZING costumes.  This happens to be one for those times!  And the kids totally look like they are loving it as well.


16. LOVE these expressions on the kids!  They already are acting well enough to be considered Academy Award material…..Check out Napoleon Dynamite with buddy Pedro.


17. We laughed right out loud on seeing this one!  She’s adorable and the paper doll costume is as well. Perfect!



Source: metaspoon

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