Facebook Cover Generator App Makes Covers without a Watermark


In the event that you are searching for ways in which to obtain a Facebook cover without the burden of a watermark then you’ve probably recognized that most of the Facebook cover websites out there that generate or distribute covers for your Facebook timeline are pretty keen to get their branding on your Facebook profile – either that or impose a charge.

Thankfully, there is an alternative that lets you, without a watermark generate Facebook covers for free, I will tell you about this free app in just a moment.

Facebook Cover Generator App Makes Covers without a Watermark

Ironically, there are instances where such a watermark – or logo – is indicative of quality or values, so for example on your clothing or on your technical products such as your computer that you are likely using whilst reading this article. However, in the instance of Facebook covers watermarks are considered generally undesirable.

How Does the Facebook Cover Generator App Work?

A software app that goes by Make a Cover for Facebook provides you with the ability to generate cool Facebook covers easily even though it’s powered by rather advanced HTML 5 technology.

The watermark free covers for your Facebook profile that this generator app provides are actually constructed by many images that are put together into one image by the selections that you make when using this app.

Let me be a little bit more unambiguous, when generating a Facebook cover with Make a Cover you pick out the dress code and features that you most like, at any point in the cover  design process you are able to export your cover design to your computer for more complex editing or to apply it to your profile on Facebook. Normally, however you’d want to leave this step till you’ve created a cover that you consider that best fits your Facebooking needs.

Facebook Cover Generator App Makes Covers without a Watermark

Even though Make a Cover doesn’t integrate a watermark into your images, the cover generator does have a definitive style that may not appeal to those of a geekier disposition. Furthermore, the lack of ability to apply Instagram type filters to your cover may be off putting for some users.

One thing that I will recommend whilst you use Make a Cover to generate your new Facebook cover is that you experiment with a few of the characters – each of the characters appears to have a separate set of customizations, it only takes a minute to put together a Facebook cover using Make a Cover for Facebook.

Of course there are other Facebook tools you can use to enhance the look and feel of your profile and cover image.