4 Amazon Tablets: Powerful and Best Value Fire Tablets

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Amazon tablets have definitely changed mobile marketing and the way consumers use the web.  The Amazon Fire tablet is an awesome piece of technology. You can use an Amazon tablet to play movies, view photos, listen to mp3, read books, newspaper and magazines.

When you think about what an Amazon Fire tablet can do, you can’t help but be amazed at the high level of technology is contained in such a small device!

Once you purchase Amazon tablet, you will be amazed at how often you use it and all the things that it can help you with. It will be your close companion at home or while traveling. You can go everywhere with it and use it all the time.

• You’ll be able to watch movies of your choice without disturbing the rest of your family at home.
• You’ll use when taking break from homework or to pass the time.
• You’ll take it with you to school or work to use during your lunch break.
• You’ll take it with you when you visit family and friends.
• You’ll use it to browse the net.

Basically, you can take an Amazon tablet with you wherever you go!

However, this regular use can have a detrimental effect on your Amazon Fire tablet. It can get damaged, dropped, spilled or slide away from you. Using it frequently exposes it to a higher risk of getting damaged, broken or scratched. After a while, it might not look quite as pretty as it did when you first purchased it especially if you didn’t take good care of it.

One of the great ways to protect your Amazon tablet is to invest in a nice protective cover, sleeve or case. A case will enable your tablet to look good for longer and of course stay unscratched or broken. Most Amazon Fire tablet covers come in several different colors and styles such as jacket, folio, sleeves, leather or fabric to fit various personal tastes. When choosing the right case for your Amazon tablet, you need to consider color, style and level of protection. All in all, the Amazon Fire tablet cover you decide on should protect your tablet from harm and make it convenient to use.

We’ve checked out all of the Fire tablets and come up with four that are the best value and that you ought to think about investing it:

Fire HD 7 ($139)

Fire HD 7 is a powerful Amazon fire tablet with endless entertainment. This beautiful tablet can allow you to watch more than 33 million movies, TV shows, books, android apps, games and songs. It’s available in five vibrant colors and has a fast quad core processor of up to 1.5 GHz which makes launching of apps and fluid graphics fast.

Image Source: Amazon.com
Image Source: Amazon.com

Fire HD 7 has a HD camera at the rear side and a front facing VGA camera. You can use this tablet to create personal profiles, link to Amazon accounts to share apps, games and books. It has a great storage of 8 GB or 16 GB with free unlimited cloud storage. You also stay connected with fast web browsing, social media and email.

Fire HD 6 ($119)

Fire HD 6 is a well-built and reliable small screen tablet. This Amazon fire tablet is a marvel for its size, speed and price. You can be able to create profiles for everyone in the family, share content, access Amazon free time and make life better for both adults and kids.

Image Source: Amazon.com
Image Source: Amazon.com

If you are working on limited budget but need a powerful Amazon tablet, this is the best deal. This beautiful 6 HD displays over a million pixels. You get to enjoy unlimited movies, songs, TV shows, games and apps. It features two cameras; one at the back and the other VGA camera at the front.

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Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Previous Generation – 3rd) ($179)

Kindle Fire HDX 7 is the middle model of the three models that Amazon has this year; Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX (this tablet), and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. This Amazon Fire tablet is a successor for last year’s Kindle Fire HD but it has an updated operating system, new features and a redesigned shell. The power and volume control buttons are more readily accessible. The tablet has an amazing display, superb sound, an included power adapter and a new Mayday feature.

Image Source: Amazon.com
Image Source: Amazon.com

This Amazon tablet is incredibly smooth and fast with the fastest processor. Whichever game you try on it runs smoothly, with no hesitation, glitches or slowdowns. Scrolling through content is also smooth and fast compared to other previous generations. The camera is a high-def suitable for video conferencing or Skype. Unfortunately, there is no rear camera.

Fire HDX 8.9 ($379)

Fire HDX 8.9 is definitely a powerful tablet packed with awesome features. It has an outstanding build quality. The tablet weighs less much and provides a nice feel due to the materials used to make the case. The new HDX 8.9 comes with a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and GPU making it one of the fastest Amazon tablets on the market at the moment.

Image Source: Amazon.com
Image Source: Amazon.com

Fire HDX comes with an Adreno 420 graphics processor which delivers high frame rates and as Amazon claims, 70% faster graphics performance than the previous generation Fire HDX 8.9. Amazon equates the graphics experience to that which you’d find on a game console which is an impressive claim. Graphic-intensive games and advanced apps are ultra-responsive, run smoothly and use less battery power.

The tablet has amazing sound but you are only going to make the most out of it with a good pair of headphones. The HDX comes with MayDay service, internet browsing, calendar and email support, specifically for Gmail and Outlook. Office docs can also be edited using on-board software.

Choosing any of these 4 Amazon Fire tablets, you can be assured of making the most out of technology. These Amazon tablets are affordable and come with amazing features that make your daily life more interesting and easy. Before purchasing any Fire tablet on Amazon, invest enough time to go through the reviews and provided information to make the right decision. All in all, a Kindle Fire is an awesome device that you will not have any regrets investing in.

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