7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs


Have you been thinking of constructing a home theater to enhance the value and quality of home entertainment? If so, then you will be glad to know there is a wide assortment of deluxe home theater systems you can explore. Some of the best home theaters are theme-based entertainment suites that are modeled after epic movies such as Lord of the Rings, NBA, and even 19th century mines. Let’s take a look some insanely creative and breathtaking cool home theater designs that you can implement if you’ve got the cash.

Hoop Dreams

Are you a die-hard NBA fan? If so then look no further, the Hoop Dreams home theater is the right home entertainment suite for you. This fantastic suite by Home Trionics brings the NBA atmosphere right into your home.  Hoop Dreams is the dream home theater for people who love play and fun. It comes with 20 plasma & LCD displays, poker area, bar& kitchenette, and bathrooms.  This sports paradise also comes with telescopic poles that allow you to follow any game you want.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

hoop dreams

Beam Me Up Theater

Beam Me Up is an award winning (CEDIA 2007) home theater suite designed by Audio Advisers. This unique home theater creates an eerier feeling of walking aboard the epic Voyager or Starship enterprise.  It comes equipped with automated LED lighting fixture that allows you to change colors with the touch of a button. This home theater comes with 11 seats, a mega screen, and cutting-edge electronics.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

beamup theatre

For Art’s Sake

For Art’s Sake Home theater by Baumister Electronics Architects is another innovative and stunning entertainment suite for your home entertainment.  This magnificent theater mimics an art gallery as it is decorated with beautiful art works. It comes with a retractable 14-foot screen and drop-down plasma screens, guest quarters, and a cool kitchen gallery.   You can never run short of fun while enjoying yourself or when entertaining guests in this perfect home entertainment suite.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

for arts sake

Kipnis Ultimate Media Room

The ultimate media room is a pricey $6 million and state-of the-art home theater that epitomizes the ideal modern home theater. A brainchild of R, Kipnis, this incredible home theater system offers a sensory movie experience. It features a mega 22 feet diagonal screen that vanishes when a movie begins revealing a mirage-like image that takes you right into the action.  This magnificent theater comes with a two-story balcony, special acoustic materials that isolate the room from noise, and an orchestra section.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

kipnis home theater

Lord of the Theaters Suite

The Lords of the Rings Themed Home Theater designed by Silver Screen & Sound is just part of the growing franchise of the hugely successful Lord of the Rings epic movie.  This beautiful one-room theater comes with a cool flair and state-of-the art technology which includes a mega theater screen, comfy chairs, a bar area, and a wireless touch monitor screen.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

lord of the theatre

The Roaring 20s

If you are looking for a classic 1920’s style theater then the Roaring 20’s is the best home theater for you. This magnificent and ornate theater by Elite Home Theater comes with 12 posh chairs and tailored patterned fabric, a chandelier, and miniature wall for added comfort and warmth. It also features a coffered ceiling that is fitted with custom moldings and embossed copper and complete pillars. This high-end theater is the epitome of elegance, style, and class in home entertainment.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

roaring 20′s

A Movie Gold Mine

No home theater brings the unusual underground experience better than the Movie Gold Mine Theater. Movie Gold Mine creates a feeling of being in a mine shaft deep down on the earth’s crust.  The designer, Aurant, recreated the atmosphere of a mining town in 1800’s into this cool movie theater.  Everything from the long entrance heading to the dark mine that serves as the theater conjures memories of the classic town mine.

7 Cool Home Theaters for Movie Buffs

gold mine-home-theater

There is no better way of transforming a dull entertainment room into a sensational and thrilling movie room than building a Home Theater inside your home. Though building a home theater is somewhat expensive, it’s certainly worth it. A custom home theater heightens the experience and pleasure of watching movies at home.