6 Best Cricket Players in the World


When it comes to cricket, you would love to support a particular team, batsman or bowler. Here, you are going to love 6 most popular yet best cricket players in the world currently. The reason why it is said currently because all these 6 players still play cricket for their country. However, just to make this article segmented in the bating, bowling and all rounder categories, you will find sub headings to make your reading enjoyable and easy.

Best cricket players for batting

    1. The first name that will come in your mind is none other than the famous legend Sachin Tendulkar (India). It will be useless to tell here how skillful he is as you have seen Sachin Tendulkar playing for last 20 years or so.
      6 Best Cricket Players in the World

      Sachin Tendulkar

      He started off his career in 1989, and he is still serving for his team in test matches. On top of that, he holds the record of scoring highest score of 200 in ODI that no other batsmen yet could go over.

    2. Another player in the list of the best cricket players would be Kevin Pietersen (England) who actually born in South Africa but has started his international career with England.
      6 Best Cricket Players in the World

      Kevin Pietersen

      He tried to get a place in South African team but couldn’t get the place he wished to. Later on, he was selected in England team and has been doing his best job for over the years. He was selected man of the match many times for the matches he played and got England home successfully.

Best Cricket players for Bowling

  1. It is the turn now for talking about the best bowler who gets wicket like getting a dot ball. It’s the man of strange bowling action as well as the hair cut, it is the fast bowler of Srilanka, Lasith Malinga!
    6 Best Cricket Players in the World

    Lasith Malinga

    He is exceedingly difficult bowler to hit away and if you love to watch wicket falling of teams that you don’t like, then always wish to have matches like Srilanka VS X (X refers to the team you hate!). It is because, he is more than capable to get more than 2 wickets in a single over, especially, when he bowls at the death. He truly is a serious threat for all the international teams in the world at present times.

  2. Now, if you are South African supporter then you will be glad to know the name of this bowler. Isn’t it amusing? It certainly is because the bowler is none other than the speed star Dale Steyn.
    6 Best Cricket Players in the World

    Dale Steyn

    According to the ICC ranking of the month of September 2012, he is in the top ten. He is these days one of the best cricket players for South Africa who plays almost all forms of cricket as well as plays all the matches.

Best cricket players – All rounder

  1. In simple terms, we consider all rounder to those players who bat and bowl just like a normal batsman or a bowler. So, it easily refers to some outstanding talent that can be hard to achieve. But, as in younger age Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh) has amazed the world with his enormous talents of bating and bowling.

    6 Best Cricket Players in the World

    Shakib Al Hasan

    There’s no doubt that he has been a match winner for his team as he many times provided the match winning performance by both batting and bowling, not to mention the fielding too. On top of that, he is also in the top position in the ICC ranking for all rounder. He is indeed such a brilliant talent to watch!

    2. Finally, Shane Watson (Australia) is getting better and better in the ICC ranking for batsmen, bowlers as well as all rounders categories.

    6 Best Cricket Players in the World

    Shane Watson

    He is one player who makes his position in all form of games as he has the ability to bat and bowl with the conditions which go up and down. He is a smart player to watch as he understands his game extremely well. He becomes aggressive when it is needed and defensive when his team needs him to be. In one word, he is the key player at the moment for Australia.

There’s no doubt that these 6 players mentioned above certainly deserve to be praised. They have done brilliant jobs for their teams for many years now and still doing fantastic. In short, you can’t expect any other better players than them in the list of the best cricket players!