They say when you set your feet in London, you will never fail short of things to do or see. From the museums, simple walk along the river Thames that gives you the privilege to view the most famous galleries, building and attraction in the world. London is one of the most visited cities in the world.

If you are a first time visitor, there are a lot of informative guides on offer that you can find a list of awesome cool things to do in London. This city is full of unique things to do that don’t necessary make it into your average guidebook. Some things need one to look beyond Trip Advisor to find them. London boasts of secret scenes, sights and sounds among other hidden gems. We have rounded some of the cool things to do in London.

See London from a Small Angle

panoramic london view

You can start your sightseeing day by taking a panoramic view of the beautiful city. You can New London Architecture along Goodge Street and view the city at scale angle. This view can enable you to see areas from Paddington to Kings Cross, Battersea and the Royal London Docks. It also includes new buildings and transport links among other familiar sites so you get the chance to get a sneak peek of how the city will look in future. New London Architecture opens every Monday to Friday.

Visit the Speedy’s Café in Camden

London-Speedys cafe

This café which provided backdrop and interior for various scenes for the BBC TV series Sherlock is a great place to hang out. You can try out the full English breakfast.

Invest in a Stylish Umbrella

James Smith and Sons Umbrella Shop New Oxford Street

You can’t visit London and not carry an umbrella. Head to James Smith & Sons on New Oxford Street to collect quality wet weather gear. They deal with the finest umbrellas that have in around since 18309 and have sold brollies leading British luminaries over the years. This shop is quite a sight and even contains original Victoria fitting and fantastic selection of walking sticks and animal head umbrellas on display.

Explore the Tropical Gardens In Barbican

London Barbican Conservatory

Instead of walking all the way to Kew gardens when you can explore the tropical plants in central London at the modern jungle in the Barbican. The tropical gardens in Barbican is an amazing place and has a 1960s residential estate that was built in the brutalist style and is a home for a school, museum and labyrinthine arts and a conference venue which is the largest in Europe.

In the middle of the complex, there is also the second biggest conservatory in London which houses a tropical oasis of plants, exotic fish and birds. However, the gardens are not always open to visitors so you need to check ahead of time. If you get the chance, prepare to be amazed.

Check Out the Traffic Light Tree

traffic light tree london

When in Canary Wharf, you can take a few minutes to visit one of the most interesting sculptures in London, the traffic tree light. The Traffic Tree Light which is eight meter tall contains 75 fully operational computer controlled traffic lights arranged on metal branches. It was created by French Sculptor Pierre Vivant.

It stands on a roundabout next to the famous Billingsgate fish market. It is beautiful especially considering the lack of vegetation around it. During the night, this tree comes to live and it’s well lit with red, amber and green hues. This tree is not used for traffic purposes but it’s a decorative.

Visit the Tower of London

tower of london

This is among the cool things to do London. Tower of London is one of the most famous buildings in the world. When you visit this tower, you will discover the 900-year history of royalty, prison, jewel house and zoo. Stare at the White Tower and get the chance to tiptoe through the medieval king’s bedchamber and marvel at the Crown Jewels.

Visit the Skateboard Graveyard

skateboard graveyard london

Where do all the broken skateboards go in London? You will find them properly discarded on the southern support pier of Hungerford Bridge. From 2009, the bridge which is close to Skate Park underneath Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank of the river has become the perfect resting place of many cherished skateboards for Londoners.

A site was even created by people to post obituaries for the deceased skateboards. While at the same street, remember to pay your respects as you pass by on your way to the Houses of Parliament.

Visit the Smallest Cathedral in London

smallest cathedral london

If you don’t have enough money to visit St. Paul’s, head over to Vauxhall Bridge where you will find a small cathedral hidden in a alcove which is a replica of the small famous cathedral. The bronze sculpture is held up by one of the eight female statues placed along the side of the bridge and each is designed to represent aspects of arts and sciences.

This small cathedral was created to represent architecture and other themes include agriculture, pottery, sciences, education, fine arts and local government. To have a good view of the sculpture, you will need to peer over the side of the bridge or use a boat to go underneath it. All this trouble is worth because it’s such an amazing view.

Walk Up the Monument

the monument

You are likely to find this attraction in many guidebooks but it still deserves to be mentioned because it is always overlooked by tourists who opt for increasing selection of top-notch modern skyscrapers to take in the aerial view of the city. The Monument was built to commemorate the great fire of London in 1666.

This Monument still offers the best views that you would expect from an open-air viewing platform especially on a windy day. The only negative thing is that there is no elevator so you have to climb 311 narrow stairs to get to the top. If you are up for the challenge, you will have the opportunity to get a unique view of the city. It is even possible to get a certificate at the end for a price sum of £3. The Monument opens daily from 9.30am until 5.30pm and 6pm in summertime.

Visit the Ron Hubbard’s Fitzroy House

fitzroy house

This house was once occupied by playwright George Bernard Shaw. The Fitzroy house was taken over in the 1950s fiction writer and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. To entry to Fitzrovia property is by appointment but once you get inside you will be treated to a tour of wonderful and weird memorabilia from the author including L.Ron’s electrometer which measures resistance to stress.

Dine on the Ginger Line

ginger line

Is the pop up restaurant culture starting to bore you? Why not spice up your tour by visiting one of the world’s nomadic restaurants, the Ginger Line. The restaurant opens on selected dates at secret locations along the East London Line.

Try to get a reservation on their website and wait until the day of your booking to receive a text with your location. These events are always themed from gothic interiors to casino Royale chic to ensure diners get an all around immersive experience.

Visit the Hidden Bar at the BFI

hidden bar at BFI

The British Film Institute is a famous destination for film lovers, tourists and theatre goers. BFI is located at the heart of London’s South Bank centre along the river Thames. Take time to take a look at the bookshelf in the main Benugo Bar and you will have the chance to find a secret door leading to the drawing room and a hidden bar that serves cocktails and canapés to those brave enough to take a peek.

Visit the Coca Cola London Eye

coca cola london eye

You can’t visit London and fail to check out the Coca Cola London Eye. The Coca Cola London Eye is a main feature of London’s skyline. It boasts of the best London views. Climb abroad for a magnificent experience with an unforgettable perspective of more than 55 of London’s most famous landmarks in just 30 minutes.

Drop by the Royal Museums Greenwich

greenwich museum

Visit the National Maritime Museum which is the world’s largest maritime museum. At this museum, you get to see the historic Queen’s House, stand astride the Prime Meridian at Royal Observatory Greenwich and explore the famous Cutty Sark.