10 Most Beautiful Horses of the World

Are you an animal lover, especially a horse lover?  Then have a look at our amazing check of the world’s top ten attractive horses according to their respective breed. Amongst all of your favorite animals to tame and breed, horses are the most gracious animals and loved by millions world wide.

Previously, horses which resided on Earth had no exact physical difference amongst them, but today`s horses have been through several physical changes with the help of controlled breeding. Our Mother Nature had bestowed us with at least 100 different horse breeds in one amazing world.

Have a look at World’s Top 10 Beautiful Horses of the World, Read on and enjoy!

1American Saddle-bred (United States)

American Saddlebred (United States) - Most Beautiful Horses of the World

American Saddlebred (United States) – Most Beautiful Horses of the World

This horse is an American bred horse that has been around since the American Revolution!  The American Saddlebred includes in its lineage: the Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, as well as Morgan and Thoroughbred among its ancestors. Its uses during other combat periods had  the “Kentucky Saddler”, as it was called at that time, as an officer’s mount in the American Civil War. Throughout the 20th century, this breed continued to gain fans in the United States, and exports began to South Africa and Great Britain. Since the formation of the US registry, almost 250,000 American Saddlebreds have been registered, and can now be found in countries around the world.


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