10 of the Best Cat Costumes – #7 is Adorable!

10 Adorable Cats In Costumes That Will Brighten Up Your Day

There are plenty of pictures across the internet of our favorite dogs dressed up in costumes, but what about our furry felines? Well, there are plenty of cat videos and memes sprawled across the web, so we decided to compile a list of cats dressed up in adorable costumes. These will make you want to dress up your own cat, or if you don’t have a cat; to get a cat and dress him/her up. There’s cats dressed up in bee costumes, as a hotdog, and even a cat dressed as a lion. Check out these ten images of cats in costumes and be overwhelmed by their cuteness.

Cat Dressed As A Hot Dog

Who doesn’t love a cat dressed as a hot dog? Well, it doesn’t look like this cat does, but everyone else is loving it.

Thug Life Cat

This cat is ready for the thug life. He has the entire outfit down, including the look on his face.

Cat Dressed As Lion

This cat is dressed as another cat…; does that count? Well, he certainly does look rather fearsome with his lion mane.

Cat Chef

Hopefully you won’t end up with any cat hair in your food, but this chef is ready to fix dinner for your family tonight.

Cat Bumblee

It’s a cat bumble bee and it couldn’t be cuter. This cat doesn’t look very sure about the awesome costume though.

Motorcycle Kitty

This kitty looks ready to go out and have a good time on a motorcycle. He is ready to ride, so watch out — you don’t want to be in his way!

Jack Sparrow Kitty

This cat has the perfect impression of Johnny Depp. If this cat was in Pirates of The Caribbean, we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

Cat With Rabbit Ears

This cat has adorable rabbit ears and at a glance it is hard to tell if you have a kitty or a rabbit in front of you.

So?  What cat Halloween costume is your favorite?  And will your feline friend be decked out this year?  Let us know in the comments and share this with a friend that loves cats!

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