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World’s Top 4 Underwater Hotels and Resorts

Whichever way you choose to explore it, there is no doubt at all that marine life is interesting. But that is just as far as marine exploration goes. The whole experience gets into yet another awesome level once you choose to live right inside it. That is where Underwater Hotels and Resorts come in. If they...


Nerdy Gift Ideas for Guys

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If your guy has a geeky personality, buying a gift for him can indeed be extremely daunting. You would obviously want to gift him something that he will find useful....


Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos

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 When YouTube first came into being, no one thought that it would take over the online video scene by storm. Individuals, small businesses, and mega corporations such as BBC, CNN,...


10 Brave and Heroic Pilots Who Saved Many

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For frequent flyers, jumping on a plane becomes as commonplace as taking a seat on a bus and often the professionalism of the pilot and crew come to be regarded...